Best Google Ads AI Copy tools that work (tried and tested)

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It’s official, the robots are here! In case you’ve been living under a rock, artificial intelligence (AI) has made incredible improvements.

I’ve tested the latest AI powered tools that write google ad copy. They were all really impressive but one stood out (and I was expecting to hate it).

Marketers meet AI

I must admit, I wasn’t always comfortable with a computer writing my ad copy. Afterall, I’m supposed to be the marketing expert!

But my opinion changed after testing these AI writing tools. I feel a little silly for not using AI sooner to help me write google ad copy. 

Using AI for creating copy along with my own google ads mockup tool means I now save hours on creating ads and sharing them with clients. 

I now have my own world class marketing assistant

Spoiler alert!

After testing these tools my favorite was Rytr. I was really impressed with the ad copy it produced. Looking at the website I thought it would be my least favorite. But I was wrong, here is why I liked it.

  • Most human sounding copy
  • Short and snappy headlines 
  • Easy to use word editor
  • Best value for money

Tip: All of the AI tools I tested offer free trials. I recommend trying each for yourself and seeing which you prefer.

Comparing Price

The cheapest tool I tested was Rytr which starts at $9 per month and the two most expensive were Anyword and Writesonic.

ToolFree TrialCheapest Paid PlanMonthly PriceLimits
AnywordYes, 7 day free trialStarter$49 /month1 user, unlimited words
WritesonicYes, limited to 10,000 words per monthSmall Team$49 /month400,000 words/month, 3 users
ChatGPTYes, limited to ChatGPT 3.5ChatGPT Plus$20 /month1 user
RytrYes, limited to 10,000 characters per monthSaver Plan$9 /month100,000 characters/month, 1 user

How I tested the tools

To test the tools I gave each one the same brief. The brief was for a fictional app called “Sleepwell”. Here is the marketing information I gave the tools. 

Product Name:


Product Description:

A mobile app that helps kids and adults get to sleep quicker with a playlist of bedtime stories and relaxing sounds. 

Campaign Keywords:

sleep, sleep apps, improve sleep

I tested the tools with Google ads in mind but the suggested headlines and descriptions could be easily used for Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

1. Anyword

Anyword was definitely built with marketers in mind. I really like the look and feel of the website. It’s clean and easy to navigate.

The first step in using this tool is choosing a template. The templates range from ad copy to product descriptions.

Some of the ad template options are for Facebook ads, Google search responsive ads, twitter ad headlines and a handful of others.

Once you select your template just fill out your brief by including the product name, description and some target keywords. This information gives context on what the ad copy should be saying.

Anyword AI copywriting tool

Once you generate the copy you will be given 3 versions by default. Each version is given a score out of 100. 

This is a unique feature of Anyword and one that I really liked.

On average the copy I was generating got scores between 40-60. According to Anyword, a score of 60 meant that the copy was better than 60% of comparable texts. 

This is a smart feature by Anyword as it encourages you to generate more versions to find the highest scoring copy. 

You can also use the performance boost feature to improve the quality of the copy. With one click the copy is improved using AI. In all the cases I tested I did feel that this feature improved the copy. 

One small complaint is that once you click “boost performance” the original version disappears. So make sure you copy and save it on your machine. 

The results: 

Suggested Ad Headlines:

  • Get To Sleep Quicker
  • Sweet Dreams Now*
  • Get A Quicker Sleep*
  • Better Bedtime ASAP*

Suggested Ad Descriptions:

  • Discover the best sleep app for improving your sleep quality with Sleepwell.
  • Improve your sleep with Sleepwell’s calming playlist for kids and adults.
  • Sleep easier with the Sleepwell app’s bedtime stories and soothing sounds.
  • Get the restful sleep you deserve with Sleepwell’s easy-to-use bedtime app.*
  • Sleepwell’s bedtime app helps you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed*

*boosted copy using boost performance feature.

My opinion:

I thought the descriptions were some of the best produced. But to get the best copy I did find I needed to use the boost performance feature. This feature costs more credits than the standard output. 

All in all this is a really great AI writing tool and one that I definitely recommend trying.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI tool that does a lot of things. As well as copywriting it can create AI photos, audio clips and even answer complex questions with the AI chat bot. 

All these features means the copywriting feature can get a little lost. I personally find all the features a little distracting but it might appeal to someone looking for a one size fits all tool. 

For this review I focused on copywriting. The results were good. Similar to Anword, Writesonic offers a number of templates which you can select. The ad templates can be found in the library section of the website and include Google, Facebook and Linkedin.

Once you select a template the website asks you to enter a product name, description and keywords.

Writesonic AI copy writing tool

After generating the copy you will get 3 versions by default. The editor is simple to use and the character count is a handy feature especially when creating google ad copy. I also liked the history feature which saves all your previous versions.

The results:

Suggested Ad Headlines:

  • Sleep Better with Sleepwell 
  • Upgrade Your Sleep with Sleepwell 
  • Dream in Comfort with Sleepwell

Suggested Ad Descriptions:

  • Sleep like a dream with our bedtime app. Relaxing stories and soothing sounds to help you sleep well. Try it now!
  • Need help falling asleep? Our sleep app is here to help. Improve your sleep with our curated playlist of bedtime stories and calming sounds.
  • Sleepwell – the ultimate sleep companion. Say goodbye to restless nights with our bedtime app. Get better sleep tonight!

My opinion:

A good tool but I didn’t love it. I thought the ad descriptions were good but the ad headlines were not as snappy as the other tools. I was also overwhelmed by all the features and missed the text scoring feature that Anyword offered. If you’re only looking for an AI tool to help you with copywriting then I feel this tool is overkill.

3. ChatGPT

By now you have probably heard of ChatGPT. It’s the online AI tool that has taken the internet by storm. 

ChatGPT allows you to talk to your very own AI assistant who can help you with pretty much anything you can think of.

While ChatGPT isn’t solely aimed at marketing tasks it does an incredible job. With the correct prompts you can get ChatGPT to write your ad copy. 

The service is free to use but there is a paid version which creates higher quality copy. (GPT-4.5)

The main difference between using ChatGPT and services like Anyword or Rytr is that there are not any templates for you to select in ChatGPT. This means you have to instruct the tool what you want to do. 

This definitely adds another layer of work to generate ad copy as it isn’t obvious what instructions we should give the chat to get the best results. 

I tried a number of different prompts to get some variations. 

My ChatGPT ad copy prompt:

You are an award winning copywriter who specializes in writing ad copy for companies. Here is a brief for writing google search ad headlines for a company named, SleepWell. 

The company is a mobile app that helps kids and adults get to sleep quicker with a playlist of bedtime stories and relaxing sounds. You should write 3 short and snappy ad headlines. The headlines should persuade people to click on the ad and find out more about the company. Each headline should be no more than 30 characters. 

(I used ChatGPT-4 to generate these results. This is the latest version of the ChatGPT model and is only available on the paid plan. Free users can still use the ChatGPT-3.5 version)

ChatGPT Prompt
ChatGPT ai copy writing tool

The results:

Suggested Ad Headlines:

  • SleepWell: Dream Fast! 🌙
  • Dreamy Nights in a Tap! 🎧
  • Quick Zzz’s with SleepWell! ✨

Suggested Ad Descriptions:

To generate the descriptions I changed the prompt to mention descriptions instead of headlines and 90 characters instead of 30 charters. 

  • Unwind with tales & sounds. Make every night a SleepWell night! 🌙
  • Tap into restful nights! Discover dreamy playlists today. 🎧
  • For serene sleep, choose SleepWell. Bedtime’s best app! ✨

My opinion:

Probably my least favorite copy. For some reason the tool also insisted on adding emojis to each headline and description. 

I already pay for ChatGPT and use it for multiple use cases. If you are an individual who already uses ChatGPT then definitely try it for ad copy. However if you are looking for a tool which specializes in ad copy then I think Anyword or Rytr do a better job.

4. Rytr

I was wrong about Rytr. There is something about the branding that made it look basic and more of a toy rather than a professional tool. However I was really impressed with the copy it produced.

Like most of the other tools you can select a google ads template which asks for product name, description and keywords. 

The biggest difference with Rytr is that the results are generated in what feels like a word document. At first this felt a little strange especially compared to Anyword and Writesonic. But I ended up enjoying the editor as it allowed me to easy to copy versions and edit them if needed.

Rytr AI copy writing tool

The results

Suggested Ad Headlines:

  • Goodbye sleepless nights!
  • Get your best night’s sleep with Sleepwell
  • Relax, Unwind, and Sleep Deeply

Suggested Ad Descriptions:

  • Discover the secret to a restful night’s sleep with Sleepwell – the ultimate sleep app that will have you drifting off in no time.
  • Tired of tossing and turning? Say goodbye to restless nights with Sleepwell – the ultimate sleep app that will help you and your kids drift off into dreamland.
  • Tired of tossing and turning all night? Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a restful slumber with Sleepwell, the ultimate sleep app.

My opinion:

Rytr really grew on me the more I used it. It produced my favorite ad headlines and I thought the descriptions were as strong as Anyword. The website is really easy to use and considering it is the cheapest option I thought it offers the best value for Money. 


After testing these AI tools it is clear they will become part of every marketer’s workflow. I can’t imagine not having access to this super computer. Humans will always always have the final say when it comes to selling, persuading and influencing other humans but the robots can definitely make world class assistants. I picked Rytr as the best overall tool and Anyword as the best for marketing teams. I recommend trying both and having fun with these new tools.


When researching for tools to test I also came across the following two alternatives. I didn’t include these in the tests but you may want to also try them yourself and compare the results.

PepperContent AI –

Longshot AI –

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